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Research suggests that overall customers want quality when buying a product or service.  It is our fundamental belief that a business is only as good as the people who work in it and therefore the whole customer experience is about every aspect of their visit to you.  As Walt Disney famously said:-

"You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality."

It doesn't matter if you look the best - you have to be the best to succeed.  Our mystery services look at your business from the customer's eyes and focuses on how well you REACT to them and their specific needs, in particular we look at:-

RELIABILITYare the services you provide performed dependably and accurately?

EMPATHY - do you care about your customers?  Are they treated with care and concern and as individuals?

ACTION - are customer needs met with speed and initiative?

CONSISTENCY - is the business consistent in its service approach?  Are standards maintained?

TANGIBLES - do you pay attention to the tangible product or service that your customers can see and touch?  How good is the physical appearance of the surroundings and the people?
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Mystery services can help to:-

1.    Monitor standards.
2.    Improve consistency.
3.    Increase sales.
4.    Grow your business.
5.    Make changes that count.
6.    Improve customer satisfaction and retention.
7.    Identify training needs.
8.    Measure results of training.
9.    Reward success.
10.  Build client and employee loyalty.

We can provide ‘mystery services' for hospitality, leisure, and retail businesses. Whilst each service is tailored to the needs of your business the following is provided as a guide to mystery service options.

For hotels, hostels, restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and other catering outlets:-
Mystery Stay - accommodation profiled to your business either midweek or weekend guests to your hotel.
Mystery Diner / Bar Customer - ‘pre-booked' or ‘walk in' mystery diner and bar customer.
Mystery Caller - telephone enquiry for hotel accommodation, conference and events and restaurant bookings.
Mystery Booker - ‘walk in' visitor interested in hotel accommodation, restaurant, conference or function facilities.

For private members clubs we can offer:--
Mystery Member - regular mystery auditing by a club member
Mystery Member Enquiry - telephone or ‘walk in' enquiry regarding membership
Mystery Diner / Bar Customer (Non Member) - for clubs with bar and restaurant facilities open to non members.

For tourist attractions we can offer:-
Mystery Visitor - a visit to your business looking at facilities and services including catering and shop outlets.
Mystery Enquiry - telephone or ‘walk in' enquiry regarding your facilities, services, opening times, events etc.
Mystery Booker - telephone or ‘walk in' enquiry about meeting, conference or function facilities.

For shops we can offer:-
Mystery Shopper - visiting your business looking at sales services and other facilities i.e. catering outlets.
Mystery Enquiry - telephone or 'walk in' product enquiry.
Mystery Return - client returning a product.